Chaining Up Your Dog VS Charlotte Dog Fence

Many people think that a dog chained up in the yard provides protection for the family.  In most times this isn’t true. Most dogs that are kept outside all the time are not socialized and are just as much a danger to the family as they are to strangers. Burglars are smart enough to know that if there is a dog in the back yard that they should enter though the front or through a window or different area.  An dog living inside gives more protection than an outside dog.

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Many states and counties have passed laws regarding chaining or tethering dogs: Texas, Nevada and California are a few of the states. It is no longer acceptable to have an outside dog that is chained up 100% of the time in these areas as it is considered cruel and unusual punishment. Some states/areas do not allow animals to be tethered outside alone between certain hours such as 10pm to 6am. There are many other states in legislation right now trying to get bills passed and laws enacted to prevent chaining in their cities and towns. Punishment for these crimes varies in each state. If you currently have a dog that you chain up outside, odds are you are already affected or will be affected by the new laws.

Outside dogs are commonly fed sporadically and often knock over their food or water dishes. People involved in dog fighting often tether their dogs with logging chains and padlocks to strengthen up the dog’s neck muscles. Dogs kept outside are 2.8 times more likely to bite according to the CDC. Many children are hurt or injured each year by aggressive dogs on chains that attack when they enter into the dog’s territory. Others are injured simply by the chain or rope if the dog runs around them or jumps on them.

The Human Society recommends getting a fence or keeping dogs indoors. Many pet owners are faced with the reality that it can cost thousands of dollars to fence a yard and many others learn the hard way that if fences are too low the dogs will climb over or they will dig and get out underneath if the ground is not prepared properly.

A simple solution to this issue is getting an Charlotte Dog fence or pet containment system. If you shop with Contain-A-Pet, you can be assured that your Charlotte Dog fence will be installed promptly, by professionals. Products have a lifetime guarantee and you also are issued a one year containment guarantee. This means if in one year your pet does not remained contained, you are issued a refund. We are the only company in the world with this type of guarantee. A professional dog trainer will be assigned to train your dog.

It’s a simple solution that creates happy families. Your dog is your friend, don’t chain or tether him, get an Charlotte dog fence and see how freedom can change everything.

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