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Charlotte Hidden Dog Fence – Is It Right For You


Is a underground dog fence right for you? There are numerous reasons that a hidden dog fence may or may not be the best answer to keeping you dog safe at home. There are many different manufactures of underground dog fencing available in today's market place. Taking the time to do your research prior to

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Chaining Up Your Dog VS Charlotte Dog Fence


Many people think that a dog chained up in the yard provides protection for the family.  In most times this isn’t true. Most dogs that are kept outside all the time are not socialized and are just as much a danger to the family as they are to strangers. Burglars are smart enough to know

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Dog Fence Charlotte


Choose the best dog containment system for your dog. Should I choose  a dog containment system via a box  store, magazine or the web? As a professional dog trainer and a dog fence owner, I would  say No to purchasing any dog containment system this way!  The following reasons explain why I am making this

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