Gastonia Dog Fence

I was very unsure when someone suggested we try a hidden dog fence for our animals I thought, “How cruel..I could never do that to my babies!” The lady assured me it was the best thing she had ever done for her dogs and I knew she was as crazy about her pets as we were ours. So…I talked with our vet and he assured me it was not cruel but a good way to protect our babies.

I followed his advice, got the name of Contain-A-Pet from the lady who suggested it..and I have never regretted having the dog fence installed. Our babies can go outside, run and play..and even if I am briefly on the inside..they are protected from running away to be killed by someone in a car or stolen.

They love the freedom of “no leash “and boy do they run, run, run. I will add that only once has one of our tried to go through the fence in 12+ years.

We have had our fence through 2 sets of minx doxies now, and have had superb service out of the Contain-A-Pet Company. We have worked directly with Michael and his father-in law..and they are pet loving people…which is important to me. They care as much as we do.! Great for us and our sweet animals!

Linda Addison

Gastonia, NC