Gastonia Dog Fence

The Contain-A-Pet Fence has changed our lives. What a gift of freedom and natural, nature-like togetherness it has been for our family- our adored furry creatures and humans alike.
No need for an obstructive fence, no need for confining leashes, no need for constant watchfulness- no need for worry at all. Our dogs are safe, happy, and newly energized with the underground fence in place….and, so are we. They are funny…spending most of their days, now, lined up at the door. They can’t wait to go outside. We never imagined our hyper, overly-excitable, distractible, somewhat skittish dogs could learn this system- but, they did…with a quickness. We do everything outside together…and never have to look over our shoulders. We love it!
The Contain-A-Pet staff is also amazing. They were prompt, professional, efficient, thorough, precise, and available. Most importantly, they demonstrated genuine, warm concern and compassion for our pets…taking the necessary time to properly guide us through the training regimen…therefore ensuring a humane experience for our precious creatures as they transitioned into learning and respecting their new boundaries. They checked back in with a follow-up visit one week out…and were always available by phone for spur-of-the-moment questions.
All of that to say…it is the best! We wish we had done it so much sooner. Thank you Contain-A-Pet!
~ Heather and Chris…
Jax and Chance

Gastonia, NC

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