Richfield Dog Fence

I Love Contain-A-Pet !! I have been a Very satisfied customer since 1997.
Living on a very busy 2 lane Hwy, in no way would I let my Bud Boy out by himself if I did not have a Contain-A-Pet underground fence.Contain-A-Pet is the best thing I have done for my dogs happiness and my peace of mind.
Installation cost was reasonable; I have an area about the size of a football field covered.
I have always received fast courteous service when I have ordered batteries or needed anything.
Bud Boy is my 3rd dog that has used Contain-A-Pet. I have only had to have two service calls since 1997, So I would say that the equipment is top of the line. Training is easy, only takes about 10 minutes twice a day for 2 weeks.

I highly recommend Contain-A-Pet and so does my Bud Boy.

Richfield NC

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