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Charlotte Dog Fence | We Are So Happy


My husband and I are so happy with Contain a Pet of Charlotte dog fence and the services provided to us by Michael Blevins and Contain-A-Pet. Michael installed the Contain a Pet Fence on April 1, 2013 in our yard. Michael was wonderful to deal with and answered our many, many questions with such patience.

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Mooresville Fence | Hidden Fence


We have had the fence for about 10 years now and have always been very happy with it. In fact, our fence was one of the first fences to be installed in the mooresville area. We are now on our 3rd generation of dogs. Thank you for keeping our dogs safe for so many years!

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Understanding Your Dog


Understanding Your Dog. Understanding the how and whys of a dogs behavior can sometimes seem hard at best, or downright impossible. Owners have become so accustomed to their pets that we think they reason as we humans do. Many owners like to think that our dogs are on same level as us but if you

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Richfield Dog Fence


I Love Contain-A-Pet !! I have been a Very satisfied customer since 1997. Living on a very busy 2 lane Hwy, in no way would I let my Bud Boy out by himself if I did not have a Contain-A-Pet underground fence.Contain-A-Pet is the best thing I have done for my dogs happiness and my

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Charlotte Hidden Dog Fence – Is It Right For You


Is a underground dog fence right for you? There are numerous reasons that a hidden dog fence may or may not be the best answer to keeping you dog safe at home. There are many different manufactures of underground dog fencing available in today's market place. Taking the time to do your research prior to

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